Easypaysy roadmap - December 2019

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What follows is a table detailing the features and the expected version of the easypaysy protocol they will be included in.

It is possible that some of the features (like the Ubercompressed format) never get final approval, but this is the best estimate we have for now.

ID Feature name Notes v 1 v 2 v 3 v 4
epf001 Type_0 payments Handle with care, fixed address :heavy_check_mark:      
epf002 Type_1 payments Interactive     :heavy_check_mark:  
epf003 Type_2 payments SPV payments :heavy_check_mark:      
epf004 Type_3 payments Full node payments   :heavy_check_mark:    
epf005 Uber compression OP_RETURN pubkey forma t   :heavy_check_mark:    
epf005 Master accounts Increase scalability lowers cost       :heavy_check_mark:
epf006 User data User data encoded within OP_RETURN   :heavy_check_mark: